We are excited & humbled to announce we are going on our first Yoga Fitness Herald Square Retreat in Cartagena Colombia. Cartagena is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and for GOOD REASON!

Come explore this amazing city that is so incredibly rich in culture and history with us!
There will be yoga, meditation, pilates every day, healthy breakfasts, guided tours, unforgettable experiences! All guided by the wonderful Jill Kolodzieski and Greg Weglarski of YFHS! Come join and be a part of this!

Sign up now! Early bird price of 1,600 by March 15th

Situated in a bay in the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena was one of the first sanctuaries of freed African slaves in the Americas! It has the most extensive fortifications in South America due to its strategic location. It was for several centuries a focal point of confrontation among the principal European powers vying for control of the “New World.”  This is one of the richest aspects of Cartagena today and adds to the amazing ambiance of the city!

A system of zones divides the city into three neighbourhoods: San Pedro, with the cathedral and many Andalusian-style palaces; San Diego, where merchants and the middle class lived; and Gethsemani, the 'popular quarter'. The port of Cartagena – together with Havana and San Juan, Puerto Rico – was an essential link in the route of the West Indies and thus an important chapter in the history of world exploration and the great commercial maritime routes. 

Those looking for relaxation and also an unforgettable adventure, sign up speak with us we are happy to answer more questions!


Practicing regularly is the best thing you can do for yourself, all are welcome here!