We are a creative community of like minded yoga & fitness lovers. We opened our doors in December 16th, 2012. Since then we have served countless of amazing human beings, just like you! Offering super awesome, fun & transformative Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates classes, as well as great workshops to deepen your experience here. Yoga & Fitness Herald Square is a project of Gregory and his business partner and mother Elizabeth. Having come from both backgrounds of art, design & architecture, the mother and son duo decided to design their own school, take part in the construction of, management, and teaching of its amazing community. We take great pride in what we do, put in a lot of time and effort into making YFHS a home away from home, and are looking forward to share it with you. We now have a full time staff of fabulous hot yoga + pilates teachers that will inspire, challenge you and get you sweating! Set your mind clearly on your goal and you too can achieve it. We are here to help, talk to us!


Gregory Weglarski (co-owner) Instagram

Gregory has been teaching full time for 10 years and practices often at YFHS. He teaches Core26 Hot Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates. His goal is to inspire his students to look good and to feel good, to realize their true strength & power and leave feeling better than ever.

He holds numerous certifications and has taken countless workshops and continues to do so in order to be the best teacher that he can be and give you the best experience. Expect to have fun, be challenged & centered.

Elizabeth Weglarska (co-owner) Instagram

Elizabeth is Co-Owner of YFHS and has been teaching full time for over 10 years. She holds certifications in our Core26 sequence as well as Inferno Hot Pilates, as well as an Interior Design Degree and Fine Arts from University in Krakow Poland.

A true artist, a student of life, she has parented two wonderful sons (one of whom is Co-Owner). She continues to inspire with whatever she does.

We are so grateful to learn from her and her lifetime of knowledge. Her classes push you, challenge you & are educational and exciting. Follow her @e_weglarska

Staff @weareyfhs

Practicing regularly is the best thing you can do for yourself, all are welcome here!