Breath is the most powerful tool that everyone has within their reach that they can use to bring their stress response right under their control.  Yoga is great for stress, weight loss, mental & physical trauma recovery and healing, toning and building muscle.  You don't need to be flexible to start.   Practicing yoga eventually gives you a new found awareness of yourself, your mind, your body.  You become self-realized.  Aware of your thoughts, actions, and the reality around you.  Leading into a state of peace, love, and connection with others. 

We firmly believe moving your body and keeping your mind still is the key to physical and mental health.  All of our yoga classes are for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.  We offer 60min, 75min and 90min yoga classes.  We believe consistency of practice is very beneficial and practicing a little each day goes a long way. 






Gregory Weglarski

Gregory has been living in NYC since he was 10 years old and was born in Krakow, Poland.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree, and worked as an architect for 5 years before building and designing Yoga Herald Square.  

"I firmly believe that everything that you need you already have.  You need nothing, because you already have it.  There is nothing to achieve.  You are already perfect.  You may just need to come to this realization.  A part of yoga is about self realizing.  Self realizing your thoughts and patterns, and how they affect you and the people around you, self realizing your purpose in your life.  You don't need to be anyone, because you already are someone!  You are everything, and, you are nothing!

The point of power is in the present.  What happened in the past is over.  How you react to the present moment is your choice.  Learn to let go of the need for whatever it is that you're trying to overcome.  You can heal your life.  You are your greatest teacher.  I have gone through self hate, hate of others, drug addiction, abusive relationships, everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.  And I have passed through it.  My purpose is to help you realize that you can do this too.  I am honored to provide this beautiful space for your own self healing and discovery and I love you and I haven't even met you yet"