Welcome to your playhouse! Please visit us and we'll show you around
We promise you will love your experience here and will want to stay...

We are family run by mother and son.  We are Yogi's, fitness and people lovers, and designers & artists.  We designed & built this beautiful space by ourselves for you.  We have one of the largest studios in the city, and take great care to get to know everyone by name and create a welcoming atmosphere.  We have tons of light, space, color & large locker rooms with showers, and a big lobby with play toys and stretching equipment


Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga)
Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT)
Pilates Fusion (HIIT/Pilates/Barre)
Body Tease (Pilates/Barre/Yoga)
Vinyasa Yoga
Yin Yoga


We also provide Group/Corporate classes  
Please email us for information
about our Group/Corporate Rates 


The package everyone starts off with before signing up on our Membership Specials.  Unlimited practice all classes for 1 month.  Includes Mat & Towels first day only.  Bring a lock. 

The Membership Auto-Pay Special that everybody gets.  It's Unlimited Practice, no commitment, unlimited free first timer guest passes.  After 2 months 2 free holds every 12 months.  20 each additional hold.  Required month notice to cancel.  

Upgrade here to Premium Membership Special for 40 more per month including Mat & 2 towels each time.  Click here for Pricing.