Remember how great you feel after practicing and moving your body? We offer that here

We are a beautiful & colorful oasis in the heart of Herald Square, Midtown Manhattan. Where people come to practice, where people put focus on taking care of themselves, taking care of their bodies.

We offer all levels hot classes in the Core26 (26 Postures + 2 breathing exercises), Inferno Hot Pilates (High intensity low impact interval training / with bands + weights), Hot Fit Flow, Hot Restorative Yin & Hot Body Tease. By now you must know that cross training and movement is integral to your happiness and health, and we offer that here.

Is that what you want for yourself?
To look good and to feel good?

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Commit to practicing regularly, and we guarantee results. Practicing regularly is the best thing you can do for yourself

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Our 5000 sf studio with ample space to hang out & chill before and after class. We have Olympic rings, a Yoga Swing, Foam Rollers & a Library, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a room to book massages with Certified Therapists.



The largest locker room’s in Manhattan. Body Wash provided by luxury skincare brand Malin & Goetz. You will always have space here. Please bring your own lock.


Practice Room

Our 2000sf practice room has plenty space for everyone with ample mat room. State of the art heating & humidity system with self controlled fresh hot air ventilation will make it comfortable and breathable for your hot practice.


Practicing regularly is the best thing you can do for yourself, all are welcome here!