Welcome to the best studio in NYC!

We are an awesome Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates studio in the heart of Manhattan, Herald Square
We are family run by Mother and Son.  There is a great community here of committed people.  Our facilities are spacious, clean, colorful & homey.  Come in and visit, we promise you will want to stay...

All classes served HOT
5 Styles of Hot Yoga | 3 styles of Hot Fitness

Bikram (Traditional Hot Yoga)/Vinyasa/Power Yoga/Yin/Intermediate
Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT)/BodySculpt/BodyTease

For Group & Corporate classes  
Email us love@yogaheraldsquarenyc.com


What everyone gets
For first timers only
Unlimited practice all classes for 1 month
Includes Mat & 2 towels first day.  Bring a lock
ONLY for Permanent Tri-State area residents (show Valid ID)

Sign up in person
What everyone gets after their Introductory Month
Unlimited Practice Auto-Pay
No Commitment
After 2 months 2 free holds every 12 months, 20 each additional hold
Required month notice to cancel

Upgrade to Premium Membership Special
including Mat & 2 Towels each time at 189/month

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